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Advertising & Commercial Photography 


Fashion photo shoot, Santa Ynez, CA

A photo should create an emotional experience.

Let's face it, we live in a visual world.

The first impression your prospective customers are going to have of your brand is your creative content and how it makes them feel. At CIACCIO we weave the pieces of your brand’s story into a relatable and emotional experience for your target customer, through gorgeous lifestyle imagery.

What does your marketing image say about your company?

Visual content sells only when you establish connection with your customer.  


Why we love lifestyle product photography?

Lifestyle images are so important because it lets the customer picture themselves with your product and what it feels to have it in their life. This is an important piece in your company's path for growth and increased sales. 

It's important to take a look at your entire visual presence when it comes to creating a successful sales process with your prospects. We go through the journey of getting to know your brand through your prospective clients eyes.

Photos show your story but your website displays them.

Social media builds your community.

Are you ready to get started? 

Our Photo Shoot Process

Brand Evaluation

First we take a deep look into your brand and your current advertising. We then prepare a strategic proposal for your shoot and the direction we would like to take to effectively connect with your target clients.

Creative Direction 

The next step is to prepare and present a cohesive mood board that will show the look and feel we will take for your photo shoot. This will also include location scouting and of course fine tuning our collaborative vision. 


We bring the mood board to life with our styling. Hand picking your models if needed, carefully selecting clothing and accessories, hair and make-up, props, and of course a location or several locations to create the perfect look

Christina alone brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to the table as well as two decades in design, branding, and styling. Combining beauty and creative direction along with marketing expertise is what sets CIACCIO apart from other photographers and agencies. 


Why work with us?

The most important element is our delivery and we deliver very quickly. You can expect your professionally edited photos within 48 hours or less. We are always available to assist you with further editing assistance or a different style of cropping later on as well.

Our web design and branding services are scheduled to ensure each client will begin receiving first drafts within the first week. You don't have to wait months to see a finished website anymore. 

Our Delivery


Christina creates true magic with her photos. 

Lindsay J.

These are so good! Great lighting, vibe, etc. You're a rockstar!

Stewert C.

Christina these photos are sooooooo beautiful!

Aliyah N.

You're a very rare bird. Your entrepreneurial energy and your get shit done attitude is amazing. 

Edward H.

Christina is a true visionary.

Jeffrey P.

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