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Working out in the valley, Santa Ynez, CA

By Christina Ciaccio

The Cowboys of Santa Ynez Collection 

I'm at my first branding on a working ranch.


I'm standing in the middle of a sea of dust, cattle, horses, cowboys, ropes flying past my head, and searing smoke from branding irons filling my nose. All I can think is- this is AMAZING. I was thrilled to have been invited to be a part of this experience! I had brought my camera with me just in case, and once I picked it up, I couldn't set it down. I knew I was hooked. For the next few years through photographing every aspect of the working cowboy and cattle ranch life, I learned a lot of lessons about life in general.

Sometimes we have a tendency to get so disconnected from the beauty of being in the moment.

Have you ever had a time when you forgot to appreciate the very moment you were standing in?


I believe the values that are upheld in this world and culture that ranch life embodies is something worth preserving for future generations. Cowboys are a dying breed in California, but my hope is to shine a light on this little piece of western life that still exists here, so that we can all remember to live in the moment. So that we can all appreciate hard work and grit. So that we can all embrace our inner cowboy.

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